Contracts & Copyright


We adhere to current standard copyright practice under Australian Law as applied to the production of commercial art and photography. Just as you control the copyright for your designs we control the copyright on any images we produce based on those designs. How does this affect you?

Copyright on any work produced is vested in Peppard-3D/Design.

Once payment has been made you can use the work for all normal presentation and marketing purposes. The client is granted a licence to use the illustration(s) from this agreement for design presentation and media release, submission to consent authorities, marketing brochures, reproduction in company profiles and reports. Additional usage is conditional on the consent of Peppard-3D/Design and where used to generate any commercial product such as royalties, such usage may incur further charge.

Credits & Reproduction

Our signature may not be removed from any original artwork. The client shall also ensure that proper recognition accompany any reproduction of the drawings prepared by Peppard-3D/Design. The client acknowledges that proper recognition is a term essential to this agreement and requires the following credit line to the published image(s): Illustration © Peppard-3D/Design


Our Contract is an agreement provided for the mutual benefit of both parties.
It can be in writing or verbal and should set out the basic conditions of work.
Due dates, Costs, Expenses etc.
Order Forms are available upon request.