Working With Us

Working with us is now easier than ever.
As we offer many different services the first task is to work out the best use of our design facilities.
For that we need to determine how you intend to use the image, the complexity of the design and
any time or budget limitations.

After that it's simply an interactive process of achieving the right image. We welcome your input at
all stages of the design process.

With the power of computer graphics there is now unlimited scope for creating the look you want.
Traditional media can be made to look photographic and computer accuracy can be softened to look
more traditional. We use the latest modelling software to create our images and models.
Our goal is to produce exciting and inspiring images to capture the passion of your vision.
Once the terms are agreed the process can begin.

Essential information.

For us to create a full three dimensional model we need a set of plans and elevations.
These can be standard prints or computer generated. A colour scheme should also beincluded but can
be developed at a later stage. The next step is to produce a model of your project. There are several
different ways of doing this, which will be discussed before commencement and depend on predetermined
methods based on your visual needs and budget.


For an obligation free quote please fill out the online form or download a printable PDF file: Quotation.PDF